Art Mirrors Are Making a Come Back—Here Are Our Favourites!

Art mirrors are totally making a comeback and we're so here for it! From the infamous Ultrafragola to simple statements like the pond mirror, we're going over all of our favourite reflective home decor pieces today!


Ahhh the Ultrafragola. If we had 15K+ to spend on one piece of home decor, this would be it. It's the ultimate dream vintage art mirror and there really isn't anything like it. She's the queen and she deserves the crown.

On the way less expensive end of the spectrum, there's this little dainty iridescent mirror from Urban Outfitters that has really caught our eye. We love the pretty colours they put in this mirror which makes it a great piece of wall decor as well. 

This is one that's been on our personal list for a while now and is still something we're hoping to add to our walls very soon. The Ferm Living Pond Mirror brings a sense of something otherworldly to your walls as it reminds us of a fun portal to another space. We love how simple and timeless the design is and it's something we think we'll have for a very long time. 

Simone Noa Hedal is known for her colorful pastel wardrobe and aesthetic, but is now even more well known for her painted art mirrors. All her pieces include beautiful fluid shapes painted in the most beautiful vibrant yet pastel scandi colours. It doesn't get anymore nordic chic than these! 

Art Mirrors Are Making a Come Back—Here Are Our Favourites!